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Meredith Mitchell Music Studio

Suzuki Violin and Piano Lessons in my home. 

Meredith Mitchell Music Studio Policy

  1. Parents are expected to attend each lesson and carefully observe and take accurate notes that lead to correct and orderly practice. Our aim is for goal oriented practice, which leads to success and success breeds more success, motivation, self-esteem and a positive experience for both child and parent.

  2. Parents and students are to agree upon a daily practice time. ONE OF THE BIGGEST ADVANTAGES YOU CAN OFFER YOUR CHILD IS CONSISTENT PRACTICE. The practicing parent needs to cheerfully enforce the practice routine by accompanying the child to the piano at the pre-determined time. Remember- YOUR attitude toward practice will be directly conveyed to the child. It is the parent’s job to prepare the practice environment and set the example of a positive practice attitude. Please set enough time to not feel rushed. Make practice a privilege, a chance to share and grow together.

  3. Parents and students should establish a daily listening time. Parents, this is your responsibility. Every day, 7 days a week. Listening is one of the huge advantages of studying and to learn by ear we must USE our ear to listen. Omitting this part of practice will greatly limit your child’s potential.

  4. Tuition Policy: The monthly tuition rate is not a “payment per service” arrangement. Enrollment in my Studio is a purchase of the teacher’s training, experience, facilities. and a reservation of the teacher’s time. THE FULL MONTHLY FEE IS TO BE PAID, WHETHER OR NOT THE STUDENT ATTENDS ALL LESSONS. Your child’s lesson time is reserved for him/her, and since the time passes, whether a student uses it or not, a lesson missed is time and money lost. PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN YOU SCHEDULE OTHER ACTIVITIES.

  5. The monthly tuition is $35 for 1/2 hour lesson and $60 for an hour (2 children @30 minutes). This fee is not altered for missed lessons or vacations. Tuition is payable at the first lesson of the month, making the lessons paid in advance. Your prompt payment assures you that your lesson time will remain reserved for you. Fees not paid by the 10th day of the month will be subject to a $10 late fee. When lessons are missed because of my illness or absence, you will not be charged. Tuition rates are reviewed annually. It is my intention to remain competitive with comparable teachers.

  6. The School Year Calendar I have added up the 4 months of lessons and then divided into easy set monthly payments. This way you will make a check out for the same amount each month. If you’d like to pay for the entire semester and save us some time and the trees, please do! I will not be using paypal this year. All tuition will be paid in check or using the SQUARE. There is a %2.75 fee for using this (a %3.5+15 cents for keyed in cards). 

  7. Make up lessons:  Please regard the reservation of your lesson time as a serious commitment which you do not plan to alter. Make-up lessons are difficult to schedule since I maintain a full time schedule as well as pay for childcare when teaching. If you forget your lesson or choose to participate in another activity during the lesson time that is reserved for you, you shall do so knowing that NO MAKE UP LESSON WILL BE SCHEDULED, and that your TUITION FEE WILL NOT BE ALTERED. If it is possible to trade with another student, I will gladly provide you with that parent’s info. If I can reschedule during another cancellation within the same teaching week, I gladly will try to get you in during that time.

*Parent's must give 3 weeks paid notice if they plan to stop taking lesson