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Meredith Mitchell Music Studio

Suzuki Violin and Piano Lessons in my home. 

**Required Reading for Parents: NURTURED BY LOVE by DR. SUZUKI


Beginning Violin

For those with no violin yet, you will need to bring...

  • Suzuki Violin Book 1 with CD  
  • Music notebook and folder for homework and notes
  • Pizza box size flat piece of cardboard for foot chart
  • Empty Mac n Cheese box
  • 2 dry but soft sponge
  • Wooden dowel from hardware store: 3/8ths diameter and about 18 inches long
  • OPTION TO Buy Cardboard Violin and Bow, click below image to link 

For Local Violin Rental go to: Triangle Strings

Necessary Accessories...

Beginning Piano

  • Suzuki Piano Book 1 and CD
  • Music notebook and folder for homework and notes
  • A Piano for at home daily practice. *If you do not own a piano (yet) you can practice on a keyboard with full weighted keys that create the same conditions of an acoustic piano.