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Meredith Mitchell Music Studio

Suzuki Violin and Piano Lessons in my home. 

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Did you know the ear is the first organ to fully develop?
This amazing class starts you and your child on a rich and exciting musical journey.  We combine music and movement to develop a supportive, positive environment to acquire a lasting enjoyment of music, self-esteem, determination, communication and confidence. From dancing with your little one to playing beautiful orff instruments like the glockenspiel and xylophone, this class sets a foundation for tone, pulse, pitch, and rhythm. Based on the Suzuki Mother-Tongue-Approach (learning by ear), the Suzuki Early Childhood Teacher, Miss Meredith, works with parents through joyful repetition of lullabies, action songs, stories and nursery rhymes. This class creates an environment free from pressure where babies and toddlers can develop rhythmic and melodic awareness, memory and social skills, increased vocabulary, and sensitive group participation at a young age.  Different from other young children’s music programs, we believe mixed age groups work best! Older children learn sensitivity and the opportunity to model for younger children while younger children develop skills more quickly and securely with the older children as models.

I am currently looking for a few more students to start the class, sign up today!

Class runs October 2nd-December 4th, $120 per enrolled student. No make ups for missed classes. 


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is the difference between Suzuki ECE and something like Kindermusik or Music Together? 

  1. Suzuki ECE program is not franchised.

  2. Suzuki ECE classes recognize the importance of parent education and devote much time developing a partnership with parents to help them create a natural enriched learning environment in the home.

  3. Suzuki teachers are trained to foster ability while most traditional teachers use the "teach and move on" approach following a calendar driven curriculum.

  4. Suzuki ECE teachers understand the potential for assisting parents in creating rich musical environment before baby is born and are convinced that the spirit of the child is formed as a result of their environment.

  5. The Suzuki Mommy and Me class uses a constant curriculum over a 3 year period to ensure thorough mastery.